Steady As She Goes : Steer your empire with a firm grip by using Salesforce Care for Small Business

Worldwide Apr 8, 2020

Salesforce Care for Small Business is a Salesforce tool that allows small businesses to better connect with their customers, by enhancing engagement and responsiveness to customers.

In view of the evolving business situation, Salesforce is offering Salesforce Essentials for free for 3 months.

Salesforce Essentials features:
• Enabling on-the-go business management with the Salesforce Essentials mobile app
• Consolidated database allows for team to keep up with daily activities.
• Automation features to reduce manual entry.


In addition, Salesforce is always offering Tableau Desktop and Tableau Prep for free for 3 months.

Find out more about Salesforce Essentials, Tableau Desktop, and Tableau Prep here:

Salesforce Care for Small Business
Salesforce Essentials is made for small businesses by the #1 CRM, helping you organize and track customers, sales, and support — all in one app.

Cover image: Salesforce


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