Singtel's SME Care Package

Singapore Apr 9, 2020

In its support of SMEs in Singapore who are implementing work-from-home plans, remote working or split team arrangements during the COVID-19 period, Singtel has launched its SME Care Package - a selection of productivity, collaboration and security tools that will be made available for free for six months.

The Singtel SME Care Package consists of:
• Microsoft Teams - 6 months free
• AWS Virtual Workspace – 6 months free (Sign up by 30 April 2020)
• Financio Accounting – 6 months free
• Essentials HR (Payslip, Leave & Claims) – 6 months free
• Essentials Marketing (Email marketing) – 6 months free
• Take business online with 99%SME – free shipping until 30 June 2020. No joining fee and no commissions on listings.

According to the official press release by Singtel, the initiative will "help (SMEs) secure their communications and minimise disruption to business operations while keeping their staff safe. With many SMEs experiencing a drop in customer traffic at their physical stores, they will also get free access to Singtel’s e-marketplace where they can set up their online shops, build a digital presence and continue to reach consumers."

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Cover image: Reuters


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