Mind Your Employees : A guide to employee mental health from the people at Marsh.

Singapore Apr 10, 2020

Day after day, our understanding of COVID-19 deepens, bringing about changes as we react to new discoveries and responses to this unforeseen crisis.

Unfortunately, apart from the virus itself, the constant sharing of public opinion rooted in uncertainty does nothing but elevate levels of anxiety and stress for all of us.

To combat this, Marsh has published an advisory that guides employers on how to support their employees in such times of pandemic crisis . This advisory not only explains the need for employers to maintain mental resilience in their employees but takes it a step further by shedding light on common mental health issues as well as a series of helpful tips to manage these issues.

Check it out: https://www.marsh.com/sg/insights/research/covid-19-employee-mental-resilience.html

Cover image: Photo by Haydn Golden on Unsplash


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