HBR Chimes In : The insights you need from the Harvard Business Review

Worldwide Apr 8, 2020

Business management, remote team management and other recommended adaptations, ranging from mental health to communication in a new COVID-19 environment- these are the main aspects HBR has shed light upon with this new publication. This is the first, among a series of insights, dedicated to helping the general community understand this novel circumstance and manage it.

Source: https://store.hbr.org/product/coronavirus-and-business-the-insights-you-need-from-harvard-business-review/10440

Download the full resource here, for free: https://store.hbr.org/product/coronavirus-and-business-the-insights-you-need-from-harvard-business-review/10440

For HBR's complete feature on the Coronavirus pandemic:

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Source: https://store.hbr.org/product/coronavirus-and-business-the-insights-you-need-from-harvard-business-review/10440


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