Hey Google. How can I revitalise my business during COVID-19?

Worldwide Jul 20, 2020

Whether your top priority is build a stronger online presence, up-skill your digital skills, or simply to continue adapting to the next normal, Google for Small Businesses has a slew of useful resources for business owners in managing their businesses in these ever-changing times.

Determine your game plan with its guide on the immediate next steps businesses can take to stay ahead. Relevant links to the appropriate Google tools are also included so that you can hit the (digital) ground running.

Screen capture | Source: Google

Building a strong online presence is one of the best things you can do for your business right now. Check out Google's guide that lays out the different ways you can leverage on digital platforms - regardless of your existing business structure.

Screen capture | Source: Google

Or if digital training is what you seek, check out their free training offerings - some of which offer certifications and more importantly, immediate application to your businesses.

Screen capture | Source: Google

More information and tools can be found on the Google for Small Businesses page.

Cover photo: Photo by David Marcu on Unsplash


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